About Us

Vision, Mission and CORE VALUES


We aspire to be an institution whose academic portfolio, educational model and unique perspective align with the shifting needs of the global society. Empowered through resources, collegiality and public support, the college will provide diverse communities with transforming educational opportunities and services. Together, we envision to empower women by providing avenues that foster professionalism, humanism and social responsibility.


  • To provide accessible, affordable and the finest educational programmes through a unique blend of curricular, experiential, and research based learning structure.
  • To develop a student-centric culture augmenting critical thinking, information competency and communication skills; while focusing on vocational education and employability.
  • To harness young talents and encourage them to take corporate and creative initiatives.
  • To recognize the importance of cultural, social, environmental, personal growth and development.
  • To embrace a value based system of education and aspire for holistic development of our students.
  • To effectively integrate Information and Communication Technology on the campus, developing competency and confidence among students.

Core Values

  1. Academic Accountability:

    We strive for uncompromising quality and global standards of excellence in teaching, learning, curricula and research across various disciplines.

  2. Institutional Culture:

    We maintain a culture that upholds the highest ethical values, integrity and an unwavering commitment to academic freedom and transparency.

  3. Social Responsibility:

    We nurture social consciousness to create an understanding towards human differences in culture, gender, caste and religion.

  4. Self-Reliance:

    We focus on multifarious vocational skills to kindle a modern outlook, scientific temper and personal dynamism.

  5. Environmental Consciousness:

    We are committed to create and spread environmental awareness by sustaining an eco-friendly campus.

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