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ASK! The Librarian

Goals of 'Ask a Librarian' Service

  • Empowering the users with requisite information.
  • Enriching the academic experience of students, scholars and faculty
  • Supporting the implementation of appropriate learning commons which emphasize the learning and user-centric services
  • Developing communication processes comprising information professionals and computer/IT personnel
  • Focusing on implementation of “best” practices to promote and integrate socially adaptable information usage
  • Enhancing the virtual learning environment for the students and scholars.
  • Strengthen the liaison librarianship and coordinate with the faculty
  • Implementing strategies and tools to integrate and improve knowledge discovery
  • Assessing communication strengths and weaknesses which can be helpful in recommending changes for improvement
  • Engage in research and development projects that explore the feasibility of adopting new and emerging technologies.
  • Embracing innovation while balancing priorities of information services
  • Promoting a culture of assessment and planning
  • Coordinating ICT systems, services, and support within and across libraries
  • Learning from the user experiences and feedback.
  • Duration of Service ‘Ask a Librarian’ can be provided live
  • 09.00 AM to 05.00 PM on Monday to Saturday
  • 24/7 over email

Why use this service?

We might be able to save you time and let you focus on using the information. We will search from reliable and authoritative library resources or other external sources
We will provide answers or point you in the right direction to get what you need. Replies would be sent as soon as possible.

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Ask the Librarian

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The ASK! Service handles reference and reading advisory matters