Student Clubs

Research & Innovation Club (Abhinav)

The Research Club aims to become a platform for students to get and develop their academic skills, and will evolve into a community of people thinking about a career in academia. For students, getting involved in research will be useful for their studies. Research club involves the academic fraternity in conducting various workshops, seminars, conferences within the department and also as a part of faculty extension activities. Research Club is responsible for engaging students into the world of research through various activities.

The purpose of the club is to offer a platform to the students where they can share their ideas and opinions. Research Club will help in understanding the concept of how to make research on a certain topic and what are the right steps to achieve desired results.

The following objectives will highlight the importance and purpose of research club:
• To motivate students to involve in research activities.
• To understand students the usage of library e-resources.
• To foster a research culture and provide a healthy research environment.
• To encourage, guide and train students to participate in research activities.
• To co-ordinate workshops, conferences and guest lecturers.
• To conduct inter-class competitions and events such as case-study presentation, research-quiz and so on.
• To encourage Faculty and Students to publish articles, release Handbooks.
• To encourage Faculty and Students to participate in Workshops, Conferences and present papers.


1. Dr. Smita Pancholi


1. Ms. Rohini Yadawar


1. Dr. Hukam Singh Champawat
2. Dr. Radha Gupta
3. Ms. Shweta Sharma

Office Bearers

1. Anju Goswami (President) B.A.B.Ed.Part-III
2. Anjali Banjara (Vice President) B.A.Part- II
3. Neelam Nath (General Secretary) B.Sc.B.Ed.Part-II
4. Taniya Hemnani (Joint Secretary) B.Sc.B.Ed.Part-II

1. Student Development Program
2. Faculty Development Program
3. Research Seminar/Webinar
4. Extension Lecture
5. Field Visit