News & Announcements

Department of Education organised a three days orientation program for the first-year students of integrated course B.A. B.Ed./ B.Sc. B.Ed. from 22nd November to 24th November 2021. The orientation program was aimed at familiarizing the students with an unknown campus environment, its faculties and infrastructure. It enables them to make an essential connections with studies and develop networks among other peers.“Where will be my classroom? What is the course structure?” Countless questions loom in the minds of students when they start their college life. 

The program commenced with the introduction of the faculty members of the department through a PowerPoint presentation by Ms Rubal Rajora. In continuation, Ms Manisha Yadav explained the examination and assignment scheme. Apart from the academic activities, the students were also introduced to the various extracurricular activities organized by the department throughout the year.

To make the session more engaging the students of  B.Sc B.Ed. Fourth Year presented a group dance and shared their experience of four years of the academic session. This Orientation Program also aimed to give opportunities to students where they can self evaluate their potential. Keeping this in mind, towards the end of the session, a Talent Hunt program was organised for the first-year students. The students were motivated to explore their skills & talents. 

At the end of the program, a motivational & inspirational speech was given by Principal Dr Ravi Sharma, where he said that this Student Orientation is a warm-up session for students before they are ready to hit the ground for their final performance, for a successful career. 

In the concluding speech, Dr Smita Pancholi (Head of the Department) motivated the students to face the challenges of life with a holistic approach in teaching and learning encourages students to indulge in extracurricular activities to shape them as teachers of tomorrow.