Student Life

Student Clubs

Beyond the Classrooms

  • Science Club
    The club aims to stimulate the pursuit of scientific knowledge and enhances the understanding of the prescribed academic curriculum through activities like field surveys, exhibitions, working models, projects, field photography and seminars.
  • Tech Club
    The club offers a platform to explore student's latent talents in a collaborative learning environment; enabling them to come up with innovative ideas. The members learn graphic designing and image editing using CorelDRAW and Photoshop; and contribute to the designing of college publications. This club also conducts engaging talks on recent IT trends; and dynamic workshops on new technologies.
  • Commerce Club
    This club is a forum for the students to learn about relevant trade and economic issues, developments and concepts through various activities such as virtual stock market trading, mock Annual General Meetings, budget discussions, guest lectures and workshops.
  • Management Club
    The club organizes series of activities focussing on personality development, current economical and business related issues through tools such as management games, industrial visits, group discussions, presentations, and role plays. These activities ensure that students stay abreast of career opportunities and develop the required skills. The members of this club publish 'Ignite-the Management Webzine'.
  • Literary Club
    The literary enthusiasts get together to organize various activities like prose and poetry writing, debates, extempore, book reviews, and literary quizzes. These activities develop creative and critical thinking, while emphasizing on the allied soft skills. The members also actively contribute to college publications; creating fondness for language and literature.
  • Nature and Wildlife Club
    The club has been committed to sensitize and mobilize students' participation for preservation and conservation of environment. The club organizes talks, nature orientation activities, excursions, photography competition, and celebrates wildlife week to educate the members about the diversity found in our mother nature.
  • Theatre and Drama Club
    This club creates enthusiasm about theatre and its various aspects by bringing forward theatre experts to organize workshops. It presents an opportunity for our students to become acquainted with techniques of theatrical process through activities including script writing, stage setting, stage-coordination, acting exercises and games.
  • Movie Club
    The movie buffs on the campus organize screening events to watch films of merit including documentaries and literary adaptations; followed by critical analysis and discussions. These movies provide parallel educational experiences, while inducing appreciation for the world of cinema.
  • Student Council
    This is a forum through which the students collaborate with faculty members to plan and participate in college events like Independence Day, Orientation Programme, Teachers' Day, and Republic Day; thereby cultivating leadership and management skills.