Learning Resources

Expanding horizons

  • Smart Classrooms

    We have smart learning spaces with sophisticated software, interactive modules, smartboards, and audiovisual aids. Smart Classroom provides advanced tools for faculty to incorporate a wide range of media in instruction and to enrich student learning experience.

  • E-Governance through ERP System

    We are amongst the forerunner institutions in Rajasthan to have adapted an ERP platform; it is an information-driven electronic interface connecting management, faculty, students and parents. The ERP system enables seamless interaction across the campus in a lucid, transparent and time-efficient manner; thereby promoting personalized educational experience.

  • Laboratories

    To impart practical exposure, improve understanding and grasp scientific principles better, the college has well equipped labs for all disciplines in conventional Sciences, Computer Technology, Food and Nutrition, Textile Technology, Psychology and Geography.

  • Library

    The college maintains a well-stocked library which boasts of a rich collection of more than 13,500 books; further additions to titles and volumes are underway. Our e-library also substantially complements the printed reference section.

  • Specialized Language Lab

    We provide the technological infrastructure and expertise required for learning the English language through advanced modules specifically designed for improving LSRW(Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) skills. It allows independent learning through language-specific software and online resources.

  • Amphitheatre

    The college flaunts an open air theatre with a capacity to accommodate more than 700 students to host college festivals, cultural events and functions. It assumes a symbolic and creative dimension in our academic sphere, thus becoming the cultural soul of the institution.

  • Seminar Hall

    We have an air-conditioned seminar hall with a capacity to accommodate 250 people; equipped with advanced presentation tools. Serving as a platform of interface, this hall is used to conduct conferences, seminars, talks and workshops.

  • Sports Facilities

    The college is designed with facilities for sports and recreational activities to ensure 360-degree development of our students. The students have access to spacious sports fields for Basketball, Hockey, Tennis, Volleyball, Football, Handball and Kho-Kho. Adequate facilities for indoor games like Table-Tennis, Carrom and Chess are also available.