The college is committed to promoting a continuing sustainable research culture among the Faculty members and Students of the college. The college aims to develop and promote scientific temper and research aptitude in all learners. The research policy of the college tries to comprehend the vision and mission of the college and to engage research in the fields of academic, practical, and social relevance. The purpose of the Research Policy is to create a vibrant atmosphere of research among faculty and researchers in the college. The policy shall serve as an overall framework within which research activities may be carried out.

The specific aim of building research-based culture in college is to promote excellence through the dissemination of high-quality research findings, specialist knowledge, and discussion of professional issues that reflect the diversity of the field of education comprehensively. The focus of the research and allied dimension is to highlight issues, challenges, and innovation in education, including curriculum, elementary and secondary education, higher and adult education, teacher education, the education of special groups, gender and education, applied linguistics or language education, educational and information technology, innovation, transformation, problems and challenges concerning quality education, educational theory, research, and methodologies.


To promote research activities to build a centre of excellence.


To facilitate and contribute to research in all disciplines through improvement in terms of research innovation and publications.


Our research policy provides a broad framework for the research activities with the following objectives:

• To promote Interdisciplinary research.
• To encourage and facilitate the publication of research work in reputed International/National journal.
• To establish Incubation Centre.
• To facilitate community-oriented research and to transfer the research findings for the development of society.
• To ensure a high level of efficient and effective support system to facilitate faculty and researchers in their research activities.
• To ensure publications in quality journals focused on multidisciplinary research.

Research and Innovation Club:

For fulfilling these comprehensive purposes, the college has initiated a Research and Innovation club for organizing field-based research, discussion, and various activities for building an environment of research in the college.

Abhinav: Indian Journal of Education (AIJE):

For encouraging quality in research, the college is going to publish a peer-reviewed journal titled

Abhinav: Indian Journal of Education (AIJE) encompassing diverse topics of education. The team AIJE is committed to bringing out the publication in time with quality research papers, articles, reviews, reports, etc., keeping the challenges and fast pace of research in various areas of education.

Areas of Research:

The following are the significant and focused areas of the research:

• Curriculum and its related concerns
• Areas concerning Elementary Education
• Secondary education
• Higher Education
• Adult Education,
• Teacher Education,
• Special Groups,
• Gender sensitization
• Applied Linguistics or Language Education,
• Information Technology,
• Innovation,
• Transformation,
• Problems and Challenges concerning Quality Education,