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From the Chairman's Pen

"Imagine the prismatic possibilities with SRKPGC"

Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome to SRKPGC, a place where we believe in the transformative power of imagination. At the R.K. Group, we envision an institution empowering women through wholesome education so that they become successful individuals of our society.

Our journey in the education sector began with this much awaited women's institution in the heartland of Rajasthan, a unique illustration of public private partnership which promises to offer learning initiatives beyond the prescribed conventional curricula.

We aspire to achieve the autonomous status so that we can more effectively aim at the holistic development of all our scholars. Our institution with its team of dedicated and highly accomplished educationists and world-class collaborative architecture will help prepare our students to grow as productive and enthusiastic individuals. I extend you an invitation to visit our College and witness one of the most beautiful, green and sustainable campuses with world class infrastructure.

We believe that the courage to imagine the unimagined is our greatest resource.

Ashok Patni

A Word from the Director and Secretary

"Innovate to unlock the new realms of opportunities"

Dear Students,

The world is changing at a fast pace, this makes it more essential for today's youth to stay up to par in this ever-demanding world. At SRKPGC we strive to provide a platform with ample challenges so that our students metamorphose into innovative entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

Our key priority is to equip pupils with the knowledge, skills and attributes of successful learners and independent thinkers in the 21st Century. We realize the need of a comprehensive education model which can ensure that the students become contributors to the economic development of the nation. I'm proud to say that we are emerging as an institution of eminence and repute, with innovation being our inherent tradition.

Choosing a college is a turning point in one's life, we assure you that the learnings that you gather here will extend beyond the boundaries of classrooms and laboratories. We wholeheartedly welcome you and hope that joining this institution proves to be one of the most prudent decisions of your life.

CA Subhash C. Agarwal

Message from the Principal

Dear Students,

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

At the very outset, I welcome you all to another enthralling academic session. I wish you all a very rewarding academic and co scholastic life on the campus. It gives me immense pleasure and a sense of responsibility to lead an institution with its unprecedent blend of traditional education and modernity. Towards this we offer latest practices in learning, technology and infrastructure to address each student with a program of strong academics, veried extra-curricular options, and well structured personality enhancement activities.

The college spread in 15 acres of self contained township boasts of, its serene lush green campus with an environment conductive to personal growth, creativity and learning. The college strives for an intellectual accomplishment through its excellent infrastructure including sports facilities of international standards, sophisticated laboratories for empirical training, smart classrooms for effective learning and an expensive library which in textbooks, reference books, competitive exam books, journals, encyclopedias, and dictionaries.

At SRKPGC, we assume that Higher Education is not just about attaining personal achievement and development as well as about becoming responsible citizens who make a positive impact on society.

In this journey every step counts, no matter how big or small. Helen Keller rightly says, "The world is moved along, not only by the mighty shoves of its heroes, but also by the aggregate of tiny pushes of each honest worker."

May the light of knowledge illuminate your path!

Best wishes for future endeavors!

Dr. Shailendra Patni