Student Clubs

Science Club (Infinity)

The club aims to stimulate the pursuit of scientific knowledge and enhances the understanding of the prescribed academic curriculum through activities like field surveys, exhibitions, working models, projects, field photography and seminars.


1. Dr. Praveen Deora


1. Ms. Ruchi Chouhan


1. Mr. Anuj Kabra
2. Ms. Devshri Jain
3. Ms. Shraddha Rajput
4. Ms. Iram
5. Ms. Neha Kanwar

Office Bearers

1. Nandini Jangid (President) B.Sc.Maths Part III
2. Varsha Bhojwani (Vice President) B.Sc. B.Ed. Bio. Part IV
3. Rudrakshi Sharma (General Secretary) B.Sc. B.Ed.Bio. Part II
4. Sejal Jangid (Joint Secretary) B.Sc.Bio. Part I

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