Student Clubs

Creativity Club (Srijan)

The purpose of the club is to make the college environment more creative and interesting. The club focuses on churning out different ideas from students which in turn helps in enhancing their thinking and perspective. creative club is also responsible for the aesthetics of the events carried out throughout the year.


1. Dr. Meenal Tripathi


1. Dr. Pooja Bagri


1. Ms. Vartika Bhatia
2. Ms. Anuradha Shekhawat

Office Bearers

1. Kusum Pareek (President) B.A. Part-III
2. Pinky Parsoya (Vice President) B.A. Part-III
3. Akshita Jain (General Secretary) B.Com.Part-I
4. Mamta Choudhary (Joint Secretary) B.A.B.Ed.Part-I

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