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Library Committee

Library Advisory Committee (LAC):

1. Purpose:
The Library Advisory Committee plays an advisory and advocacy role regarding the Library on matters of general policy, planning, programmes, goals, and objectives in its support of the teaching, learning, research, and community-building needs of the college.

2. Objectives of Library Committee”
The objectives of the Library Advisory Committee shall be:
• To decide and adopt policies to govern the management and programme of the library.
• To prepare the annual budget and rules and regulations of the library.
• The committee also looks into student complaints, if any.

3. Duties and functions of Library Committee
The duties and functions of the Library Advisory Committee shall be:
• To frame general rules for the management of the library.
• To prepare the annual budget estimates for the library.
• To allocate funds from the sanctioned annual budget of the library for the purchase of books, journals, and periodicals.
• To arrange for the stock taking of the library.
• To advise the librarian regarding general library development.

4. Aims of Library Committee
The aims of the Library Advisory Committee shall be:
• To develop a collection of reading material useful for various courses.
• To provide full information support to the teaching-learning process in the college.
• To provide various library services and facilities to the readers.
• To support research activity for its progress and qualitative development.
• To exchange information about the library and the information requirements of the academic community of departments, centres, and students.
• To consider university-wide information strategies and policies.
• To contribute to the development of library and information strategy, policies, services, and resources.

5. Library Advisory Committee arranges a student forum to create awareness among the students. Some aims of students are as follows:
• Many students are not aware of or do not know what types of research and learning skills classes and sessions are available. These sessions are listed under the library class booking system on the student portal.
• The demand for longer library opening hours is constantly brought up by students. The library regularly reviews opening hours to meet users’ needs.

6. Tenure and Frequency of Meetings:
• Members will serve a three‐year term.
• Meetings will be held three times a year and special ad hoc meetings may be held as requested by members.
• One third of the members shall form a quorum.

7. Members of Library Advisory Committee:
The members of Library Advisory committee as per mention.

September 29, 2023

Office Order

The Following members are the part of the Library Advisory committee for the academic session 2023-24.

S. No. Name Department Position
1. Sh. Subhash C. Agarwal Director and Secretary Patron
2. Dr. Ravi Sharma Principal Chairman
3. Dr. Ashwini Tiwari University Librarian, MDS University, Ajmer External Member
3. Mr. Vishvajeet Jaroli Faculty of Science Member
4. Dr. Mitesh Juneja Faculty of Arts Member
5. Mr. Ravi Soni Department of Computer Science Member
5. Mr. Avinash Totlani Department of Commerce Member
6. Mr. Puneet Tak Department of Management Member
7. Dr. Smita Pancholi Department of Education Member
8. Ms. Janvi Kanwar PG - Student Representative Member
9. Ms. Mamta Choudhari UG - Student Representative Member
10. Dr. Kapil Singh Hada Librarian Member Secretary

Note: The nominated members under (8) and (9) shall hold office for two year respectively, and shall be eligible for reappointment.