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Research & Innovation Club (Abhinav)

Welcome to the Research & Innovation Club, an integral part of our educational institution's vibrant ecosystem. As we stand on the cusp of a dynamic and evolving global society, the Research & Innovation Club emerges as a hub for nurturing creativity, curiosity, and collaboration among our students. Guided by our institution's visionary ideals and driven by a passion for excellence, this club is a space where students can explore, ideate, and contribute to the transformative journey of knowledge and progress.


Our vision is to create an empowered community within the Research & Innovation Club that embodies our institution's values. Aligned with global shifts, we aim to bring together diverse talents to tackle real-world challenges through innovation and research. Our ultimate goal is to foster boundless knowledge and impactful innovation for the betterment of humanity.


Our mission at the Research & Innovation Club is multi-fold:

  • Nurturing Student-Centric Growth
  • Encouraging Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Holistic Development
  • Championing Values
  • Empowering Through Technology
  • Creating Accessible Excellence


  • Promote Research Excellence
  • Cultivate Innovation
  • Facilitate Collaborative Learning
  • Provide Skill-Based Training
  • Engage with the Community

Advisory Committee


• Dr. Radha Gupta


• Dr. Varsha Jain
• Mr. Anuj Kabra
• Ms. Dimple Jyotiyana
• Ms. Kanika Gupta
• Ms. Vandana Joshi
• Ms. Sonali Khiyani

Office Bearers

Sr. No. Name of the Student Designation Class
1 Jhanvi Kanwar President M.Sc. Zoology (Sem II)
2 Siddhi Rajawat Vice President M.Sc. Maths (Sem I)
3 Charvi Jain General Secretary B.A. Part III
4 Tulsi Sharma Joint Secretary B.A. Part II

Office Bearers

1. Anju Goswami (President) B.A.B.Ed.Part-III
2. Anjali Banjara (Vice President) B.A.Part- II
3. Neelam Nath (General Secretary) B.Sc.B.Ed.Part-II
4. Taniya Hemnani (Joint Secretary) B.Sc.B.Ed.Part-II

1. Student Development Program
2. Faculty Development Program
3. Research Seminar/Webinar
4. Extension Lecture
5. Field Visit

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